Program in Engineering Biology

Professor Celeste Nelson works with students in her lab


The Program in Engineering Biology is designed for highly motivated undergraduate students who are interested in pursuing careers or graduate education in biotechnology or bioengineering. The interface between engineering and the life sciences is an area of dramatic growth and intellectual vigor. Innovations and new developments in this area require multidisciplinary approaches and greater exposure to engineering fundamentals as applied to living systems than is currently available from a single department. For all students, the program offers a basic foundation in the language of living systems as well as in-depth study of bioengineering fundamentals at multiple length scales.

General Questions

For further information concerning the Program in Engineering Biology please contact the program director, Professor Celeste Nelson.

Also feel free to contact the faculty member in your department who serves on the Program Committee. That person will have specific advice on the opportunities in your field for someone interested in bioengineering.

Finally, contact students in your department who are in the program. They will have experience fitting the certificate program requirements into your department's schedule.